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Our Fave Moments with Women in Film in 2018

Sure, 2018 was not without its challenges. But it did have some brights spots. Check out some of our favorite moments of 2018 in which women in film rocked it and gave us hope for 2019.

Greta Gerwig became the fifth woman nominated for a Best Director Academy Award. Her film Lady Bird was universal and inspiring. Crazy that she's only the fifth woman to be nominated in this category, but incredible and promising nonetheless.

Ava Duvernay signed a $100 million deal with Warner Brothers. Not only is this well-deserved, but this is also a great sign that more diverse filmmakers will be given jobs, thanks to Ava. Get that money!

Rachel Morrison became the first woman to be nominated for a Best Cinematography Academy Award. Wow. We didn't even realize that there weren't any women ever nominated. Props to Rachel for representing the female gaze! (Have you checked out her viral post on being pregnant while shooting? She's amazing.)